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Land Transport

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Land Transport

Hastenway Shipping handles your parcel delivery with the professionalism and thoroughness that you can expect from the leading logistics supplier in the world.

Offering a high quality & cost-performanced international/domestic multi-modal through transportation service such as cargo pick-up, delivery, container drayage, export packing, unpacking, international transportation, one stop door/door service and other relative services. Presentation of our solution against your facing issue is also one of our services. Handling cargoes are general goods, consumer goods, textile/apparel products, bulk cargoes, steel products, machineries/parts, constructions equipments, food products, healthcare products, chemical products (incl. dangerous cargoes), heavy cargoes, special products and etc.

Land (Container drayage, Consolidation truck, Chartered truck, Speical truck/trailer). Sea (LCL, FCL, Bulk, Chartered), International / Domestic. Air International / Domestic.



Our Hastenway Shipping concerns are well equipped with the state of the art infrastructure with the most modern material handling equipments.

Area - ICD- Loni has 27.5 Acres of Custom Bonded Area which is fully paved and numerically marked, Adjacent to it we have 99 Acres Land for further extension.

Bonded Warehouse - It includes 2.09 Lac Sq. Ft. of fully covered and developed warehousing space. Approximately 96 acres of adjacent land have been acquired and development of ICD related facilities are also at fast pace.

Empty Yards - Infrastructure of Empty yard is also well maintained, paved and spacious and that is why ICD Loni enjoys patronage of having inventory of every shipping line in trade.

Weight Bridge - wo weighbridges, one having 80 MT capacity, inside ICD Loni premises and the other having 100 MT capacity in parking area are specially designed to meet standard as well as specific customer demands.


Break bulk cargo is non containerized and is usually transported as individual pieces due to cargo often being oversized and overweight meaning freight containers cannot accommodate the cargo. Break bulk cargo handling is the method used since the earliest days of shipping. Break bulk cargo is cargo that may be affixed to a pallet.

Many specialist break bulk vessels come fitted with heavy lift cranes which can manage the heaviest of cargo safely and quicker than dockside cranes, this can speed up the process of loading/unloading and reduce costs for the shipments.

We can provide you with the break bulk services that you need including sorting, skidding, shrink wrapping, inventory control and storage.


Customs clearance and documentation for both inbound and outbound cargo. Hastenway Logistics Ltd is not restricted to transportation alone. The company also takes care of arranging Inbound / Outbound customs clearances, Documentation, Insurance coverage. This ensures the well being of the freight down to micro level.

The services provided by Hastenway Logistics include both inbound and outbound custom clearance in the Air and Sea ports. In addition to custom clearance, Hastenway Logistics also takes care of Documentation and Insurance coverage to ensure well being of freight at micro level.

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Our Vision
Our Mission

Why Choose Our Service Using Hastenway Shipping is easy. We deliver packages up to 50kg, anywhere in world. All you must do is place a single order with your local hastenway office. With just one booking, we will collect your shipment​​​​​​​ in a single vehicle at your location, and track it with a single tracking system. Following your package from start to finish. Partnership is an over-used word, but it does go some way to describing our customer-focused services. We strive to bring much more to the relationship than simply a means of reaching your customers across the world.solutions that meet the needs of today and enable the opportunities of tomorrow.

Our Vision Our primary objectives are to promote Total Quality Management and to maintain our success through steady investment in our service expansions and innovations. Our goal is to promote health, safety and environmental safety throughout our organization.

Our Mission Our aim is to be the best customer service team in our profession. We strive to develop and maintain a first-class infrastructure to ensure employee satisfaction, which drives customer loyalty leading to sustained profit growth and creating improved company value.

  • We Use AI In The Line We uses AI so that it can be used to predict demand, modify orders, and re-route in-transit goods to warehouses where needed.
  • Smart WarehouseWe have a well-formed network of warehouses located in the close proximity to the International Airports & Seaports. Our warehouses are well laid out, secured, maintained by experienced staff and have specialized storage systems.
  • 100% AccuracyThat’s why customers trust us — we have more than 80 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.