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Are you passionate about shipping, innovation, and customer service? Would you strive every day to offer technological and innovative solutions to support our customer’s products throughout their journey, guiding them to their destination? Then Hastenway Shipping is the place for you. Behind the process, we are real people with experience, intuition and a passion to help our customers business grow by ensuring their products travel safely around the world.

At Hastenway Shipping, we recruit, train, and retain the very best logistics and technical experts the world over. We love to promote from within more than 30 percent of our staff of 1,000 employees has been at Hastenway Shipping. Our high retention rate is influenced by a unique compensation program for positions that are more than just jobs they’re chances to grow, thrive.

  • Nearshoring is fast becoming a Retail trend, with many stakeholders
  • Transporting goods from a Distribution Center (DC) to the final point
  • Hastenway Shipping orchestrates the flow of products, partly or completely
  • Solutions that provide short response times to urgent requests

Open Jobs

Our people are passionate about logistics and the commodities we ship. They understand how much the logistics process matters to our customers, so they work with them as partners. Sound like you? Take a look at our open positions.

Location : Dubai/Kochi

Sales Coordinator
Logistics Department
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Pricing Coordinator
Pricing Department
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Senior Accounts Officer
Accounts Department
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Operation Coordinator
Documentation Department
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Transport Officer
Transportation Department
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